FirmPoint Solutions, Inc. owns and operates specialized Internet business properties. FPSI is the source behind a comprehensive network of Internet portals and communities in the fields of accounting, law, and healthcare.

At FPSI, we develop and manage business resources that focus on the CPA, Attorney, and Physician. We are dedicated to providing opportunities and serving the business and management needs of professional firms and practices.


The FPSI global marketplace provides the information firms need to quickly locate the best products and services. Our goal is to provide a continuously improving online environment in which professionals can discover intelligent business solutions.



Company History

FirmPoint Solutions, Inc. came into being as the premier Internet company focusing on connecting professional firms and practices to essential business resources and marketplaces.


As the leading developer of portals that focused on the professional practice, FPSI sites quickly became the primary resource for professionals seeking information, products, and services.


Growth in on-line publishing and marketing further enhanced advertising and e-commerce allowing the business model to expand.


FPSI has applied its experience to many areas including financial services, insurance, technology, education, human resources, software, office resources, consulting, brokerage, and media.


FirmPoint Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company in the State of Washington, USA.



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