FirmPoint Solutions, Inc. provides media solutions for reaching valuable online business markets through a network of premium destinations. Our marketplaces offer a media platform for showcasing products and services to a highly desirable audience. The audience - accounting, legal, and medical professionals, are actively seeking quality goods and services. Without a doubt, our marketplaces allow delivery of an advertising message to a professional audience with immediate business needs and buying power.




FirmPoint Solutions, Inc. offers a family of online resources through our specialized sites and subsidiaries. In conjunction with our affiliated sites, the FPSI Web Point Alliance™ provides the best overall coverage of the professional office domain.


Advertisers who desire to build brand awareness with doctors, lawyers, and accountants will benefit from our network of vertical business portals. Suppliers participating in this marketplace for distribution will have a direct connection to an important buying community.


FPSI offers solutions through a number of exceptional business domains.




In addition to this site, FirmPoint Solutions, Inc. owns the following domain names and Web site properties for the continuing purpose of selling goods and services. For additional Web site property information please see Press Releases.


Accountants Advantage .com

Accountants – Advantage .com

Accountants Web Point .com


Attorneys Advantage .com

Attorneys Best .com

Attorneys Web Point .com


Firm Point .com, .net


Network Accountants .com, .net

Network Attorneys .com, .net

Network Physicians .com, .net


Physicians Award .com

Physicians Web Point .com



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