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FirmPoint Solutions, Inc.

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206-459-0942 (PIN)

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Please submit business and licensing inquiries to the following Email or Mailing Address only. (Note: We will only evaluate commercially viable proposals. All initial inquires must be established in writing - no phone calls please.)




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Registered Agent

FirmPoint Solutions, Inc.

7380 85th Avenue SE

Mercer Island, Washington 98040

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Property Licensing Policy Overview 

FirmPoint Solutions, Inc. has a brand licensing program and is willing to consider licensing for use with suitable products or services in exchange for appropriate compensation. If you believe that your business could be enhanced by this opportunity, please contact us.


FPSI will evaluate copyright and trademark licensing requests where it makes sense from a brand and business perspective. At FPSI, we develop business resources that focus on the CPA, Attorney, and Physician. We are dedicated to providing merchant opportunities and serving the business needs of professional firms with special interest in favor of communities in the fields of accounting, law, and healthcare.


If you have a commercial licensing proposal, you may submit it for review. FPSI may also consider some non-commercial requests on certain materials for limited and suitable use. FPSI will consider fair and reasonable terms where policy has not been defined but reserves the right to decline any offer.


Organizations interested in business development or sales agreements are also encouraged to apply. Inquiries regarding advertising, marketing, or Web site promotion will be addressed. In addition, FPSI will evaluate proposals relating to strategic partnerships in business-to-business, e-commerce, and publishing.


This policy statement is subject to change at any time.


FPSIís intellectual property includes copyrights, service marks, trademarks, and technical information. FPSI does not permit or consent to any name, domain name, logo, mark, or other symbol or device that could be confused with or dilute its trademarks. You may not use or imitate any FPSI title, description, slogan, or tagline without express written consent from FirmPoint Solutions, Inc.



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